January 2019 calendar with holidays UK

Here we have an over view of January 2019 calendar with holiday UK shown in details. Holidays in UK are generally referred to as bank holidays due to the four days so designated by the bank holidays act of 1871. Banks, government offices, and most of the business remain closed on public holiday. When a bank holiday falls on Sunday then the following Monday would be observed as the bank holiday. If the following Monday is also a bank holiday then the holiday will move to the following weekend. Here we will tell you the holidays that are going to occur in January 2019.

January 1: New Year

New Year is celebrated on every 1st of January annually. People celebrate this day with lots of happiness and a great pomp and show. People say good bye to the passing year on 31st night by partying and also welcome the New Year with a party. They make resolutions on new year and promise to themselves to follow it throughout the year. New Year is the event full of happiness and people spend a lot of money on New Year.

January 2: Scotland New Year’s holiday

New Year in Scotland is known as Hogmanay and it’s the big night that marks the arrival of New Year. A Hogmanay celebration guarantees a warm welcome of New Year and also you are sure to make new friends which you never knew before.

January 20: World religion day

World religion day is not a public holiday as it falls on Sunday and most of the business will follow the regular Sunday opening hours. Many organizations celebrate the day by holding inter faith events where faith leaders get together to give talks and lectures. People are very interested to talk and listen to people from faiths different than their own and to understand the basic tenets of other religion.

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