February 2019 Calendar

The second month of the year is February which is the smallest among the twelve months. This 28 day month is full of holidays and therefore you can plan a lot of outstation, visits or a trip or a romantic date for your partner. Basically February has only 28 days but in a leap year it comprises of 29 days. The name February was originated after the Roman festival of Purification known as Februalia. Here are few important date you may know.

Friday, 8 Feb – This day is celebrated as Proposal day and is a great to give a fresh start to a new relationship. This day marks the beginning of many friendships that turned into beautiful love stories.

Sunday, 10 Feb – It is going to be celebrated as Vasant Panchmi. It is a Hindu festival that remarks the coming of the spring season. It is usually celebrated in the Magh month of Hindu calendar which occurs in between January and February.

Sunday, 10 Feb – This day is celebrated as the Teddy Day. On this auspicious day, friends and lovers give each other a Teddy Bear as a mark of their friendship or relationship. Teddy is to symbolize love, care happiness and affection. They are adorable and once they are gifted by our loved ones, it is difficult to resist loving them and carrying them and playing with them.

Thursday, 14 Feb – It is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. On this day so many love stories tend to begin. It is the day of love. On this day couples go out with each other, confess their love and celebrate it. This day is a great opportunity for the ones who secretly love and adore someone and couldn’t confess due to the fear of rejection.

Tuesday, 19 Feb – On this day is Shivaji Jayanti which is an optional holiday. All government and private offices seem to be open on this day but if someone wants to take a leave, he can. It is celebrated in the remembrance of the great Shivaji.

Tuesday, 19 Feb – This day is also celebrated as Guru Ravidas Jayanti. Guru Ravidas was a Mystic poet and a Sikh Guru and there are a large number of followers who pursue their teachings. This day is celebrated on the Magh Purnima or what we call it is a full-moon day.

Apart from the holidays the month involves a no-moon day or Amavasya on Tuesday, 5 Feb. and a full-moon day or Purnima on Tuesday, 19 Feb.

You can download the calendar for the month of February from so many sites that provide them. Also there are printable calendars available which are customizable as per our demands. All you need to do is visit our website on the Internet, download the printable calendar and then customize it according to your requirement.

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