February 2019 Blank Calendars

The second month of the year is February which is the smallest among the twelve months. This 28 day month is full of holidays and therefore you can plan a lot of outstation visits or a trip or a romantic date for your partner. Basically February has only 28 days but in a leap year it comprises of 29 days. The name February was originated after the Roman festival of Purification known as Februalia.

You can download the calendar for the month of February from so many sites that provide them. Also there are plain calendars available which are customizable as per our demands. All you need to do is visit some website on the Internet, download the plain calendar and then customize it on any photo editing app.

The calendar contains of a blank space for each day in which you can either manually fill the details for any day (days) or you can customize them on MS Word or any such application. Also there are photo calendars available where you can attach a photograph on any day of the month in order to personalize it and then you’ll never forget birthdays and anniversaries of your loved ones.

How to download printable calendar?

In order to download blank template for February 2019 printable calendar from the Internet, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Visit any of website to download your calendar for free.

Step 2: Select the month of the year whose calendar is to be downloaded.

Step 3: Select the type in which you want to download the calendar, whether it will be in pdf format, editable through Word or in .jpeg format.

Step 4: After download you can directly print the calendar or edit it based on your requirements and then print it.

Events in the  month of February

According to Indian calendar there are few holidays or events in the month of February. Some of these events and holidays are listed below.

  1. Monday, 4 Feb– it is celebrated as World Cancer Day.
  2. Tuesday, 5 Feb– Gupt Navratri of the Magh month of Hindu calendar are starting on this day.
  3. Friday, 8 Feb– this day is celebrated as Proposal day.
  4. Sunday, 10 Feb– it is going to be celebrated as Vasant Panchmi.
  5. Sunday, 10 Feb– this day is celebrated as the Teddy Day.
  6. Thursday, 14 Feb– it is celebrated as Valentine’s Day.
  7. Tuesday, 19 Feb– on this day Shivaji Jayanti is celebrated which is an optional holiday.
  8. Tuesday, 19 Feb– this day is also celebrated as Guru Ravidas Jayanti.
  9. Thursday, 28 Feb– it’s the National Science day on this day. Also Swami Dayananda Saraswati Jayanti is going to occur on this day.

In the February 2019 hindu calendar apart from the holidays involves a no-moon day or Amavasya on Tuesday, 5 Feb. and a full-moon day or Purnima on Tuesday, 19 Feb. so you’ve got your dates, you’ve got your calendar, so just start working and make the best personalized calendar for you.


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